Contractual Techniques in Indonesia : A Practical Guide to Negotiate Agreements with an Indonesian Counterpart

29 May 2019 – This meeting with Lucas Mascarade, LL.M, Attorney at Law registered with the Paris Bar, Head of the Indonesian Desk, DS Avocats and Charles Guinot, CEO, Online Pajak aimed to provide practical insights into negotiation to map the risks, avoid contractual pitfalls and draft effective agreement with an Indonesian party, covering:

         I. Pre-contractual negotiations

  • Timing is of the essence
  • Pre-contractual agreements
  • Protecting your IP

II. Negotiations and drafting of an agreement with an Indonesian counterpart

  • Cultural Approach
  • Choice of Law/ language & Mandatory provisions under Indonesian Law
  • Boilerplate clauses

III. Termination of agreements

  • Judiciary resolution vs/ Arbitration
  • Arbitration
  • Enforcing judgment/ sentence in Indonesia

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