Luxury & the New Era of Personalisation: Interview Customer Experience Group

ISSUE #68 – Jean-Baptiste Calais (pictured below), South-East Asia & Oceania Director of Customer Experience Group, the alliance of five agencies, shares about moving from a transactional model towards a personalised relationship in customer experience in the luxury retail sector.



You help brands move towards a personalised customer experience model. What does this mean and is there such a thing as too much personalisation?

Based on our research, we found that 78% of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience. Buyers are now well-informed, connected, aware and, most importantly, free to choose. There is no doubt that customer experience has become the arena where brands win or lose the battle for customers.

The continuous evolution of the luxury landscape reflects the ever-changing requirements of affluent customers worldwide. The Customer Experience Group (including Albatross CX alongside four other agencies) was established to provide 360-degree CX solutions to premium and luxury brands, helping them transition from a transactional model to a personalised relationship and an emotionally engaging model through research, consultancy, experience feedback, training, and coaching.

With the Customer Experience Group by their side, premium and luxury brands can foster meaningful relationships with their customers and reap the benefits of profitable growth in the process.


Is it possible to measure customer sentiment and customer emotion? What is the best approach?

This is what the Customer Experience Group precisely does – we offer an end-to-end solution to improve the customer experience (CX), gain customers’ insights, capture and analyse customer and team data, define metrics, build advocacy, devise a robust recruitment methodology, and empower front-line retail teams to master the art of luxury selling.

Here’s two of our latest solutions that help brands through their CX transformation:

  • CX App – This is a premium digital tool that changes the way brands activate data collected from the customers. The CX App is customised to suit each brand, instantly identify areas that need special focus, and train front line teams with onsite coaching to create outstanding customer experience.
  • Voice of Customer – With this solution, brands can identify and measure critical touch points of the customer journey and use data analytics to identify customer frustrations, aspirations and bottlenecks, recommend opportunities to solve and improve the journey and make customers happy.


What is the biggest challenge you see brands facing today and what advice would you give?

Having retail KPIs and incentive schemes that force sales team to focus on immediate transactions is one of the challenges in today’s luxury retail sector.

This culture promotes behaviors that solely focus on ‘sales’ rather than attending to the customers’ needs. Teams tend to put their own interest first before considering the best interest of the customer.

To address this challenge, luxury brands need to revisit the traditional retail KPIs and introduce a model that is based on experience and relationships. These are the real key factors that triggers a transaction, and not the other way around.


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Interview with Jean-Baptiste Calais, South-East Asia & Oceania Director of Customer Experience Group

Published in FOCUS Magazine — Issue #1 2019 “The Consumer Journey Issue