Fashion-Forward Little Treasures: Interview Château de Sable

ISSUE #68 – The rise of e-commerce has been disrupting most retail businesses in Singapore. Stéphanie Lemaire(pictured below), Founder, Château de Sable shares with us on building brand loyalty and touch points to reach out to more customers online and offline.



Today everything is about e-commerce. You have a website but you’re also opening new stores, so you must have a bit of a general outlook. Do you feel like everything is going digital? Is there still a need for stores in order to grow?

I think that all the brands need to have some stores. Because that’s the only way for customers to feel the products and the collections. When you buy gifts or clothes for your baby, you like to touch. So, if you have several shops, it will be easier for your customers to buy. There’s something I learnt in Singapore, and it took me a long time; there are so many malls here, but everybody is only going to one or two malls following his/her habits. For example, myself, when I want to shop, I’m only going to Cluny Court (because it’s close to my house), Tanglin Mall and Paragon. Sometimes I go to Takashimaya because there is Kinokuniya, and I love it. That’s about it. So, with more shops you can touch more customers.

Basically, with our stores, we can get new customers and be closer to them as well. And in fact, our shops are doing much better than our e-commerce. We are spending a lot of money on e-commerce but our shops have better results. Now however, developing e-commerce is important of course, so we are starting to work on multi-brands e-commerce. We are trying to go on Lazada by launching our brand on this marketplace very soon. We need to be more present on this side of e-commerce, because clients like to shop, and when they do, they like to have the choice between several brands.

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So, besides the designs, and brand awareness of course, how do you get customer loyalty, how do you ensure your customers to come back?

We have a new arrival every two weeks, so a new collection every two weeks, which keeps our customers’ interest. Then we send newsletters to show them the new collection. The more shops we have, the bigger our newsletter’s name list gets.

And what is important for us as well is to follow the celebrations. Different countries have different celebrations obviously so we launch special collections for special moments of the year. We have a Christmas, a Chinese New Year or a Hari Raya collection for example. What I really love about Singapore is the multiculturality it has, it’s amazing. We learn a lot from other cultures to adapt our collections and satisfy our customers.


Do you launch those collections everywhere?

No. The Chinese New Year collection won’t be launched in France for instance. The Hari Raya collection could still be sold in France, it depends on the style we’re going for, because it is something very festive.



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Interview with Stéphanie Lemaire, Founder, Château de Sable

Published in FOCUS Magazine — Issue #1 2019 “The Consumer Journey Issue