Seeing the World as Customers Do: Interview with Leo Costes of AXA Insurance

ISSUE #68 – Leo Costes (pictured below), Managing Director, Retail & Chief Customer Officer, AXA Insurance shares with us the AXA approach to customer experience.



How and when did you realise customer experience should be a priority for AXA? How has AXA approached customer experience? Any initiatives to share with us?

Customer experience has always been a priority for AXA. Putting our customer first is one of our core values and we strive to be more than a payer of claims but a true partner to our customers.  They are the starting point for all our work. We strive to give them more choice, more innovation and more power to decide how, when and where they access our products and services, while making sure we deliver on our promises when a claim arises.

Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for our customers to connect and interact with us. That is why we consider our customers’ experiences across their entire journey with us – from buying to servicing and claiming (and of course renewals!).

When it comes to buying, we ensure that our omni-channel strategy makes it easy for customers to navigate, select and purchase the relevant solutions regardless of the channels they choose.  We have also embarked on a simplification journey to ensure that the customer value proposition is clear and easy to understand.

For servicing, in addition to being easily accessible by our customers, we are focused on continuously improving the customer experience by listening and acting on their needs and feedback. For example, our Customer Care team will reach out to customers who have had a negative experience with us within 24 hours of their interaction to understand where we can improve. This is fed into an internal dedicated committee to act upon and introduce improvements.

Moreover, as we are in the business of paying claims, we need to ensure that our customers can get back on their feet as soon as possible when the worst happens. For example, with our online claims portal, our customers enjoy a simple claims filing process and quicker reimbursement than before.

AXA Give Data Back

We are also evolving from being a “payer” of claims to being a “partner” to our customers, and our employees and distributors around the world are ready to work closely together with our customers to create services and solutions that empower them to live better, today and tomorrow. Thus, we actively look at avenues where we can innovate and inject more value to our customers such as through our products and services development. For instance, we are making our data accessible to our customers in a useful way with AXA Give Data Back – Motor, an interactive website that identifies accident hotspots in Singapore based on AXA claims data. An industry first, it aims to help motorists better understand the risks they can face on the roads they frequent across Singapore by sharing data such as frequency of occurrence of a motor accident and the average cost of a motor accident claim, and also tips on how to stay safe on the road. With Give Data Back, we hope to encourage safer road habits by helping people to understand the real risks on the road.

For patients, we are boosting our health services to provide better support during their treatment such as through our exclusive partnership with Singaporean healthcare startup Jaga-Me, to connect AXA customers who want to recover in the comfort of their homes with qualified healthcare professionals. Under this partnership, about 30,000 policyholders of selected AXA health insurance solutions have access to on-demand home nursing care as part of their post-hospitalisation coverage via a personalised AXA mobile app, giving them the flexibility to choose and manage their care seamlessly.


What have you learned about measuring customer experience?

We are fortunate that our customers are eager to share their experiences with us, whether positive or negative. We collect immediate feedback from them whenever they engage with us – such as after purchasing and claiming. We have a transparent real-time customer feedback system, where we publish customer comments on our website after they have had an interaction with AXA.

We have realised that most of the time, they are happy to share what they felt went right or can be improved. That’s why we don’t just look at satisfaction scores or metrics, we combine both qualitative and quantitative feedback by diving deep into the open-ended feedback that customers share with us. That is where we usually identify areas we can improve on in order to enhance and better the customer experience.

We’ve also identified that customer experience is not the sole responsibility of Customer Care or specific departments. It needs to be a company-wide responsibility as everyone has a role to play. We dedicate a committee consisting of stakeholders representing different parts of the organisation to serve this purpose – providing a regular platform to share the detailed results and collaborate as a team while agreeing on specific actions to take and identifying the appropriate leaders to take charge of the specific improvements.



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Interview with Leo Costes, Managing Director, Retail & Chief Customer Officer, AXA Insurance

Published in FOCUS Magazine — Issue #1 2019 “The Consumer Journey Issue