A Consumer-Centric Duty of Care: Interview with Juliana Gim of International SOS

ISSUE #68 – Juliana Gim (pictured below), Managing Director, International SOS Singapore and Government Services, Asia, shares how the company is driving better consumer experience, the International SOS way.


Global Risks and Challenges

Organisations are expanding their global footprint in an increasingly connected world, and this means a continuous movement of products, services, and people. The global workforce is now more mobile than ever, and travellers and assignees face an increasing number of risks which can disrupt plans, e,g, such as headline making terrorism and natural disasters to more routine issues such as dealing with food, water and road safety.

International SOS is at the frontline of providing medical and security advice and assistance, to prepare for and respond to any type of incidents, e.g:

  • In the initial 12 hours during the Paris Attacks, we were taking a call every 2 minutes for 12 hours.
  • We are on the phone with our clients – talking to them during an active terrorist assault, reassuring them, advising them on what to do, alerting authorities as to where they are located in the hotel
  • Globally, we organise 1 medical evacuation every 30 minutes

We pioneer solutions and research that empower the productivity, resilience and sustainability of companies while protecting their mobile workforces.

Over the years, we have expanded from assistance and evacuation services to also include support for medical and travel security needs, wellness, occupational health and remote site management.


Driving better consumer experience, the International SOS way

At the core of our business, is a focus on listening, anticipating and responding to our client’s needs and the diverse situations they are in. Our goal is to prevent or mitigate risk to employees and the business. In the situation of an incident, clients can count on the support of our unrivalled global assistance network of over 81,000 medical, security and logistics providers.

One particular case that exemplifies our customer centricity, was a client who suffered a broken hip from a motorcycle accident while travelling in Bali. The local doctor told her she needed to get a hip replacement. She called us for a second opinion. Our doctors assessed that a hip replacement surgery would be very disruptive to an active lifestyle like this young lady’s. After consultation with our global assistance network, we therefore recommended to evacuate her to another medical facility in Singapore for a more sustainable, less disruptive medical treatment. She now continues to lead a very active lifestyle.

We pride ourselves in the accessibility of our medical and security support, no matter where and when. Our technological accessibility includes our internationally certified TeleHealth services, as well as our Assistance App. The App provides clients with real-time, accessible information on medical and security risks and also a one-click access to our twenty six, 24/7 Assistance Centres where they can speak to doctors and security experts in their preferred language. The App also allows organisations to quickly locate and communicate with their staff, and assess the incident’s impact.

Our support makes the difference in saving limb, life and even business costs. Another interesting case was a client who was on his way from Singapore to Jakarta for a meeting, when the 2016 Jakarta attacks occurred. The client called our Assistance Centre, worried about whether the attacks will disrupt his important business meetings. Our security expert was able to allay the client’s fears by assessing that the latter’s meetings were not in the vicinity of the attacks. Our security expert also advised our client on the best route and transportation to take to his meetings. The client continued the rest of his trip with a peace of mind, assured and informed by regular situational updates through his Assistance App.


One heart and mind in caring for our clients

We are passionate about Duty of Care, which emphasises on the importance of protecting the health, safety and well-being of their mobile workforce. By partnering with us, organisations can fulfil their Duty of Care responsibilities, while empowering business resilience, continuity and sustainability.

Our ability to shape the market’s mindset on Duty of Care, is grounded on our organisation’s strong customer-centric culture, where our staff live and breathe by our core values of Care and Passion – caring for the interests of customers, making a difference in their lives, and working with passion, entrepreneurial spirit and teamwork to serve them.

No matter where our clients are, we work around the clock to keep them stay safe and healthy.




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