Transfer Pricing Updates in Singapore: KPMG Singapore

14 Feb 2019 – The transfer pricing regulatory environment in Singapore has evolved with changes to the Transfer Pricing Guidelines and the Singapore Income Tax Act, particular the introduction of the Income Tax (Transfer Pricing Documentation) Rules 2018 (Rules).

Given that these changes take effect this year (i.e. Year of Assessment 2019), it is critical to understand the implication of the changes and what is required to comply.

At this meeting, Felicia Chia, Partner in the Transfer Pricing Practice of KPMG Singapore and the Asia Pacific Financial Services Transfer Pricing leader, reiterated the most salient points arising from the changes in Singapore transfer pricing regulations and also addressed commonly asked questions on how to prepare/implement transfer pricing documentation and policies.

She also covered Country-by-Country Reporting in Singapore, and presented a selection of case studies to highlight the transfer pricing challenges facing Singapore taxpayers and potential ways of resolving such challenges.

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