Managerial Innovation: How to empower the HR function to instill cultural change and new management behaviours: Weave Consulting

24 Jan 2019 – When managing a transformation – such as Operational Excellence or Digital Transformation – we often read in the literature that a sustainable change requires a shift in our mindset…

…but translating these high level ambitions into new practices is easier said than done, as such programmes are often narrowed down to a deployment of new processes. While we don’t deny their importance, we need to keep in mind that change requires individuals to change their current habits.

So how do we start? How can the HR function play an active role? How to strengthen their skills and influence towards managers? We will answer by showing you our lessons learnt taken from past experiences, rather than a theoretical course.

This workshop by Nicolas Thuilliez, Partner, Weave Consulting covered the following topics:

  • Set-up: assessing the situation, identifying the improvement areas,
  • Approach: innovative ideas to bring breakthrough, measuring their effectiveness,
  • Key players: setting up a Core Team (HR business partners), equip the HR partners with tools and skills to make the transformation sustainable

in the region.

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