Learn & Experience the Collective Creativity Method A.C.T.I.N.G©

20 Sep 2018 – Creativity is a critical mindset to overcome the often obsolete patterns of thinking to gain sustainable competitive advantage.

Since 1950, different schools of thought have illustrated the logic of co-creation for Innovation and Business Development. In each case, a specific intellectual approach is proposed to improve the old mental configurations and to establish a group dynamic, see for example Design Thinking (based on user empathy, analysis and intuition) or Concept-Knowledge theory (structuring the mind over the uncertain).

The creativity method A.C.T.I.N.G© (Attitudes for Creative Thinking in Group) is based on theatrical techniques of letting go or defixation, the production of linguistic and imaginary elements generating value potential. This method brings together heterogeneous participants around a staged process, daring fulfillment and performance.

This method is the result of 10 years of applied research with companies. The approach allows generation of innovative and valuable ideas (coherent, relevant, robust ideas), development of creative individual skills and organizational capabilities, reinforcement of cohesion and attractiveness of transversal work, and fosters new managerial practices and cultural transformation.

At this session, Dr. Valérie Lejeune, TOPS Consult & TOPS Academy Partner, Researcher in Creativity and Innovation shared about the mechanics and tools, and the benefits of A.C.T.I.N.G© in a fun workshop, where members were part of a creative team with a practical issue to solve!

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