Decent Work and Social Risks: Keep Calm and Act On: b.tin

14 Sep 2018 – While technologies are evolving rapidly and automation is spreading through many industries, human labor still remains an unrivalled asset for economic growth. History, culture, resources and projected future are among the numerous dimensions that make each country unique in the way it approaches labour and thus decent work. But our companies’ development spans over multiple geographies, attracted by new markets and sometime cheaper workforce. How do we deal with it currently? Efforts are made to prevent abusive work practices but new regulations and the civil society itself rightly ask for a better account of the risks associated with human rights at work.

This session with Magali Croese, Principal Consultant at b.tin enabled members to get better acquainted with the situations that may give rise to social risks within our organisations and throughout our supply chain, especially in Asia Pacific. It equipped corporate practitioners from various backgrounds with regulations overview, concrete frameworks and case studies to strengthen or outline their own practices.

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