How to win through more effective distribution in emerging markets: Logistics Consulting Asia

28 Jun 2018 – While e-commerce and the ‘Uberization’ of transport will increasingly impacting the CPG sector, having control over an effective distribution network will be  the key to success within emerging markets. Some manufacturers are beginning to develop such capabilities. Most are not yet contemplating this huge opportunity to deepen penetration, grow revenue and secure market share.

Sustainable success in emerging markets means performing within the general trade sector. Too many manufacturers accept from their distributors ordinary performance and very high distribution costs. Infrastructure development, technology development and people acceptance of new technologies present opportunities to take massive steps forward in delivering a better service at lower cost.

John Talbot, Co-founder and CEO at Logistics Consulting Asia, reviewed the challenges of managing a network of distributors and discussed about how to manage efficiently and effectively trade partners, from sales process to logistics process, in order to achieve greater performance for mutual benefits.

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