Leverage technology to truly address omni-channel

14 Jun 2018 – e-Commerce, Digital store, Marketplaces, Social Networks, Click & collect… Offering a consistent customer experience across channel is on top of everybody’s agenda – but what does it mean? and most importantly how to address it?

There are a few basics required to truly enable omni-channel experience. At this meeting, Yvon Le Renard, Managing Partner of Clever-Age Asia, a regional Digital expert passionate about Technology, Innovation and Digital, shared an overview as to what a Digital Architecture looks like (e-com, PIM, DAM, OMS, Customer Data Platform) and how companies / IT and Business should address it together. He also shared views on the existing technology landscape supporting that (open source solutions & softwares).

  • Benefits From digitising your business
  • Where to start ?
  • The Pillars of an Omni-channel strategy – Digital Architecture
  • Product Information
  • Customer Information
  • E-commerce and omni-channel services
  • Digital Architecture – How to cope with fast-paced changes in technology?
  • Wrap-up & Questions

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