Global Economy 2.0: A complex, multi-level supply chain (r)evolution: Geodis

6 Jun 2018 – The World Economy is undergoing its most significant shift since decades as microeconomic and macroeconomic models are being disrupted by a cluster of momentous change. On one hand, the changeover between US and China for the crown of Global Economic leader is entering its most crucial phase.

It is disrupting forever the spontaneous equilibria of Globalisation 1.0 and creating a dual globalisation with companies’ supply chain being organised vertically (along longitudes) rather than horizontally (along latitudes). On the other, within these global system, digital economic models are changing the long-standing linear relationship between producers and consumers, creating new demands, firms’ strategic organisations and microeconomic equilibria. Orchestrating these massive changes is a new alliance cities-global computational platforms that are gradually undermining the role of the Nation-State as a main economic unit. At this committee meeting, Luca Silipo, Vice President, Chief Economist for Geodis, shared with us more about this complex, multi-level supply chain (r)evolution.

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