Building the Smart Cities Ecosystem: ICT infrastructure, Cloud, Data Analytics, Artificial intelligence, Blockchain

23 May 2018 – An urban boom in predicted over the coming years. Cities will need to adapt to ensure a quality of living that matches residents’ expectations, ensuring that they retain their economic and tourism attractiveness. Optimising resources, services offered to individuals, transport and healthcare are some of the key issues that need to be considered. A smart, connected, agile city makes extensive use of IT and digital technologies to address these issues and create the premise for continuous innovations.

Orange Business Services is working with Smart Cities ecosystem in Europe, Middle East and APAC to enable cities become smarter by use of technologies such as IoT, analytics, AI, system integration, ICT infrastructure and cloud. Mirela Juravle, Head of IoT and Smart Cities, APAC, Orange Business Services shared with us more about these efforts.

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