Chinese Digital Ecosystem & Trends II : FABERNOVEL Asia

3 Apr 2018 – Building on the success of our first session held in February, the French Chamber organised a second session on this topic of digital ecosystem and trends in China for those who were not able to join us the first time around.

From the world factory to one of the most innovating country, China is today leading the way on digital platforms & services. This keynote showcased the BAT Empire (Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent) and showed how they drive the digital strategy of every single business in the Middle Kingdom.

Sylvain Joandel, General Manager, FABERNOVEL Asia, explained how to crack the China code and gave some insights and trends on this fascinating market which is starting to extend its footprint in the South East Asia region.

Previously as group director for China, Sylvain Joandel helped global companies in luxury, fashion, beauty and travel industries to setup their digital marketing operations on Chinese platforms. He was also lecturer for Condé Nast Fashion & Design Center for their digital programme in Shanghai.

Thank you for all joining us! For more events, do visit our website.


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