Transform Your Networking Skills: TYC Transform Your Conversations

12 Dec 2017 – As an entrepreneur, a sales professional or a manager, developing your networking skills with clients and stakeholders will likely be high on your list of priorities. Growing strong relationships is key to the success of your business and first meetings are key moments.

To do this effectively can be difficult and needs you achieve a delicate balance between being genuinely interested in the other person and talking about yourself and your business.

In this highly practical and interactive workshop, Don Rapley and Elizabeth Pickup, Directors of TYC Transform Your Conversations shared with participants more about the dynamics of first meetings, giving tips and tools to help participants prepare, engage and connect with partners.


Participants were then taken through a series of structured networking conversations with different partners, which gave great insights on understanding one’s personal style, the impact they have on others and the key skills they need to develop to connect effectively. The conversation practice was facilitated in English to help participants get practice in situations where you are dealing with non-French speakers. The workshop then concluded with an exchange of learning and summary of the takeaways of the session and finally some more informal networking.

Thank you for joining us at this workshop! Do visit our website for more upcoming events.


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