Hire better and On-board for success: WeLinkTalent and Executive Transform International

6 Sep 2017 – Hiring – Selecting your most valued assets. When a company is hiring, it comes with a set of expectations on the next talent. Why is this part taken so lightly, very few companies are truly getting the strategic impact a new hire can add. Whether you are a start-up or a MNC, the important aspects you need to ask yourself before hiring include:

  • What Skill, what competence, what attitude do I need?
  • How this role should develop in the next 3 to 5 years, how much potential I want?
  • What do I offer, why should a person join my organisation
  • Who is involved in the recruitment, who are the stakeholders, are we aligned?

On-boarding – After spending time and money hiring new candidates and talents, many organizations behave like they have done all the job. However, the first few months in a new position as a new comer in an organization (even many times if coming from the same organization) are a time of challenges, vulnerability and are giving great clues on will the recruitment will be successful for the company and the candidate or not. Many fails happen at that time.

At this meeting, Emmanuel White, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of WeLinkTalent in Singapore, a recruitment innovation start up established in 2016, together with Yves-Pascal Pelcener, founder of Executive Transform International, shared on about all of the above, as well as:

  • What makes a successful on boarding
  • The mistakes to avoid when on boarding
  • How a successful on boarding impact positively talents retention

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