Making Investing Effortless: Interview with Julien Le Noble, Co-Founder of Smartfolios

ISSUE #63 – A FinTech subsector that has seen a keen amount of institutional and consumer interest, robo-advisors are emerging as a compelling wealth and investment management tool. Julien Le Noble, Co-Founder of B2B digital advisory and trading platform Smartfolios, talks about the company’s platform.


Could you tell us about Smartfolios and the vision behind your platform?

Investing doesn’t have to be inaccessible, expensive, intimidating or complex.

Smartfolios is a B2B digital advisory and thematic investment platform. We have a simple mission: empower financial institutions to turn disruption into opportunity.

We provide a platform that brings together our financial expertise and innovative technologies. They can then offer digital wealth management and automated investment solutions to their clients, engage them with personalised and enriched investment products and services.

Our partners and clients are financial institutions such as banks (retail and mass affluent), wealth managers and private banks, online brokers, and IFAs. These firms face challenges that Smartfolios addresses, be it digital access, the variety and diversity of products, or the better risk-return profiles expected by their clients.

Our solutions enable these institutional clients, whether seasoned or new to investing, to take control of their investment journey, guiding them every step of the way. Investing doesn’t have to be inaccessible, expensive, intimidating or complex as is often times perceived. We want to afford everyone access to the right opportunities that meet their goals.


What sets Smartfolios apart from other robo-advisors?

Our B2B solution is a modular and highly flexible platform that enables financial institutions to select the modules they want to offer to their clients. Our core modules include for instance client on-boarding (with goal-based and risk tolerance assessment), front to back order flow capabilities (execution, settlement and custody), rebalancing, and risk management functionalities to manage and track investments.

On the product side, we have developed a broad range of investment strategies including asset allocation, thematic, fundamentals, and factor-based models. Our financial institution partners can select from our existing library of strategies or request specific themes adapted to their clients’ needs and goals.

These strategies are delivered as pre-built portfolios of listed securities spanning asset classes. The portfolios are fully transparent, customisable and rebalanced regularly, therefore incorporating the best of active and passive investing.

Last but not least, we have developed a sophisticated engine and set of databases to host and manage the entire universe of portfolios we develop. We follow a rigorous, systematic and transparent approach to building and maintaining our portfolios using proprietary algorithms and our in-house financial expertise.


Congratulations on being selected for Startupbootcamp FinTech Singapore 2017! Could you tell us about that and what else is in the pipeline for the company?

Our key objective in the coming months is to go live in Q3 with our first partner, Marvelstone Capital

We joined the programme because we saw an opportunity to truly accelerate our go-to market strategy. Working with a team of great professionals at Startupbootcamp FinTech Singapore means we have access to domain experts, to a broad and deep network in the financial industry, support throughout the programme and beyond. All of these will certainly be invaluable at the current stage of our development.

Our key objective in the coming months is to go live in Q3 with our first partner (Marvelstone Capital). In addition, we have a number of very promising partnerships in the works, a growing pipeline of customers and already an ambitious roadmap of new solutions that we’re excited about. We plan to cover brand new domains: Artificial Intelligence and Advanced News Analytics in portfolio construction, Natural Language Processing in advisory, and innovative RegTech in the onboarding process. We also plan to advance beyond equities and add the ability to include FX to offer currency-hedging solutions.

Ultimately, we aim to become a global FinTech company operating at the nexus of financial and technological innovations.


Julien Le Noble, Co-Founder of Smartfolios at the French Chamber’s FinTech Forum: FinTech Beyond the Hype


Interview with Julien Le Noble, Co-Founder of Smartfolios

Published in FOCUS Magazine — Issue #2 2017 “Future Economy”