Transpose the Winning Mindset of Sport Serial Winners into Business: Halifax Consulting Asia

30 May 2017 – The greatest champions are rarely the very best for purely technical reasons. If they are champions, it is all in their mind that they are. Why would it be otherwise in the corporate world? This was the whole subject of this conference: transposing the winning mindset of sport serial winners into the field of business.

On the occasion of Roland Garros, Antoni Girod, Director, Halifax Consulting Asia, worldwide expert of mental training for top athletes, author and international keynote speaker conducted an interactive and unique session, which covered winning mindset principles, the boosters of motivation, and mental, tactical, emotional and physical preparation techniques.

For more than 12 years, Antoni Girod has been an applied psychology teacher for the Sports Science Departments of french Universities. In the late 90’s, he has been in charge of the mental training programs for the David Leadbetter Golf Academy and PGA France. Since 2001, he has been a mental training expert for the International Tennis Federation and for two decades, he has been working as a mental coach with top athletes and top coaches in many different sports such as sailing, free diving and  athletics. In October 2016, he was one of the keynote speakers at the BNP PARIBAS WTA Finals in Singapore.

Through years, he has developed a unique expertise in the transposition of mental toughness, motivation and sport coaching to management, sales and negotiation in the fields of industry, banking and luxury for major worldwide companies. He is the author of 12 reference books about mental training, communication, coaching and management.

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