The 2017 NPC and CPPCC Congress Annual Session: Outcomes, Implications and Opportunities for Companies Looking to do Business in China

16 May 2017 – The National People’s Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) are the biggest events on the political calendar in China. The former is the equivalent of the parliament in Western democracies and the latter is China’s top political advisory body.

These two meetings are collectively known as “liang hui” where nearly 3,000 law makers and 2,000 members of the CPPCC meet with China’s top national and provincial leaders. The decisions and discussions at the two meetings are important because it gives us clues on the Chinese leadership’s intentions and thinking. Important political, social and economic issues are covered as well as plans and budgets for the coming year.

While the areas discussed at the two meetings are wide ranging, the above presentation focuses more importantly on the implications and signals to foreign companies seeking to do business in China. This is based on the analysis and findings gathered by Ruder Finn’s China Public Affairs Practice.

The key areas covered include opportunities, the approach and ways of navigating the Chinese (state owned) business landscape. In particular, a focus on dealing with Chinese State Owned Enterprises which at this time are undergoing massive reforms.

This meeting led by Ruder Finn’s Tham Kok Wing, Senior Vice President, Engagement and Integration, Asia Pacific, who worked closely with the China Public Affairs Team, covered:

1. The Special Importance of the 2017 Session

2. China’s GDP growth trend and What It means

3. Structural Imbalance and Need for Structural Reform

4. China’s Economic Growth Roadmap and Role of Government

5. Focus Areas – Investment Environment, Sustainable Development, “One Belt One Road,” State Owned Enterprise (SOE) Reform

6. Understanding Lay of the Land & Challenges – Facts about SOEs, The Three Missions of SOEs, Hallmarks of SOE key executives, …

7. Dealing Effectively with Chinese SOEs – Quanxi plus

8. Market Access Case Study

9. Q&A session

Thank you to all for joining us at this insightful committee meeting!


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