Climate Change: Review of the Natural Carbon Sequestration

12 Apr 2017  At this committee meeting, Dr Massimo Lupascu, Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore and Pierre Taillardat, PhD Candidate, National University of Singapore shared with us an in-depth understanding of:

1. Climate Change : An overview from a scientific perspective

  • Is the Climate Changing ?
  • Can we Correlate Atmospheric Carbon Increase and Temperature Increase ?
  • Are the Human Activities Responsible for it ?
  • Beyond Climate Change : Threats from Land Use Change, Air and Water Pollution

 2. Carbon and Society : The Paris Agreement (COP21) and its Implications

  • What’s inside this agreement ?
  • (How) can we meet the agreement ?

3. Towards the future : Natural Carbon Sinks and/or Sources

  • Deforestation, Carbon Emissions, and the Haze : The Case of Tropical Peatlands in Indonesia
  • Natural Carbon Sinks : The Case of Mangroves and their Potential Carbon Mitigation Role

Thank you to all for joining us and to our speakers for the great insights!


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