General Expenses: Non-Strategic but Significant Potential Savings: Blu Buying Club

4 Apr 2017 – At this committee meeting, Eric Georges, Founder of Blu Buying Club shared with participants insights on how they can manage their general expenses in Singapore, covering:

  • Stakes of general expenses
  • Spend break-down = comparison Direct / Indirect / General Expenses:
      • Characteristics of general expenses vs production purchasing
      • Number of order lines compared to purchasing spend
      • Typical organisation
  • Specificities of Singapore:
      • Maturity of purchasing practice
      • Cultural specificities
      • Size of the market
  • How to design your action plan:
      • Who is in charge
      • Inventory of the situation (spends, suppliers, main contracts)
      • Benchmarking
      • Levers (out-sourcing, consultants, purchasing offices…)
  • Key success factors:
      • Process
      • Contract review
      • RFQs
      • Administrative cost
  • Latest trends:
      • Eprocurement tools
      • Market place
      • Outsourcing

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