APAC Business Inflight Connectivity Unveiled: EUTELSAT ASIA

2 Mar 2017 – Being able to surf, tweet, or send a text message at 30,000 feet in the air is not just a dream anymore.

At this Aerospace and ICT committee meeting, Jags Burhm, VP Aero Global mobility, EUTELSAT ASIA, provided the APAC picture of the highly dynamic sector, covering:

  • the current state of the inflight connectivity market, with a focus on APAC,
  • what passengers are doing today with inflight connectivity,
  • how airlines are using this enablement to improve operational efficiencies – aircraft- and service- based,
  • emerging trends for this sector in APAC, and
  • regional differences in conducting airline business in China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia.

Thank you to all for attending this insightful meeting and for the lively discussion!


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