Integrating Railway Systems with Data Analytics

ISSUE #62 – Find out about Alstom’s data analytics-powered initiatives

How is Big Data captured and used by Alstom?

One of the solutions Alstom has developed that captures and uses big data is HealthHub. It consists of innovative tools to capture, transmit and analyse data gathered from trains, infrastructure and signalling systems. By monitoring the state of the railway system, maintenance tasks can be anticipated and planned, which ultimately optimise the operational cost and management.

Several tools have been developed under the HealthHub with more are under development. They are TrainTracer for on-board real-time condition monitoring, TrainScanner for “X-Ray” check of train from 45 to 90 seconds, the Motes, wireless sensors collecting vibration and temperature data from a wheelset, Track & Catenary Tracer and the Point Machine condition monitoring tool. All data is gathered at HealthHub platform, a web-based platform powered by data analytics. These tools can be used for high speed trains, mainlines, tram and metro lines, whether manufactured by Alstom or others.  For example, the High-speed Pendolino trains operating on the West Coast Main Line in Manchester, UK have been equipped with TrainTracer since 2006 and are now also equipped with TrainScanner, TrackTracer and HealhHub platform to ensure the highest reliability of the line.

Tools have been developed to monitor real-time conditions of railway systems

Could you share with us some tangible impacts these processes will have on consumers?

Alstom HealthHub predictive maintenance solution brings railway manufacturers, operators and service providers together in one platform. It provides the right information at the right time allowing convenient scheduling of maintenance tasks and thus avoiding any unexpected equipment failures. For instance, TrainTracer has been equipped on more than 1,200 trains worldwide since 2006. It has showed significant result including a decrease immobilisation time of the trains and repetitive faults.

In addition, Alstom HealthHub predictive maintenance solution optimises operational costs and management through a “pit stop” approach: everything is ready when the maintenance tasks need to be done, the right quantities of materials are delivered at the right time and maintenance staff can operate quickly. As a result, it can reduce up to 20% of preventive maintenance labour and up to 15% of material consumption.


Video of Alstom HealthHub solution (Source: Alstom)





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Article published in the FOCUS Magazine “Driven by Data” – Issue #1 2017