An Initiative about Renewable Energy Integration: REIDS Project: NTU, Engie, Schneider Electric, REC Solar

21 Feb 2017 – Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator-Singapore (REIDS), an initiative led by Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and supported by EDB and NEA, is the first micro-grid in the region and the largest hybrid micro-grid in the tropics. It will test and demonstrate, on Semakau Landfill, the integration of solar, wind, tidal, diesel, storage and power-to-gas technologies, and ensure these energy sources operate well together.

Micro-grids can meet the need for electrification of hundreds or thousands of islands in the Southeast Asian region that are not connected to the main power grid because they serve as independent energy sources for offgrid and island communities.

Describing the offshore project, NTU’s Professor Hans Bjorn Puttgen, Senior Director, Energy Research Institute @ NTU, said, “It is about matching what nature gives us to what consumers want, which is energy on demand.”

“REIDS is the largest microgrid research and development plateform in SEA and therefore is instrumental to Singapore’s ambition to achieve a global leadership position in microgrids and serve the regional markets,” said Mr Goh, EDB’s Executive Director of Cleantech.

At this committee meeting, the various experts shared with us about this successful collaboration, and explained the contribution, expertise and vision of each partner on and off the grid.

  • Roch Drozdowski-Strehl, Deputy Director – REIDS, Microgrid Technologies, NTU, Energy Research Institute,
  • Antoine Ballereau, Smart Energy Senior Project Manager, Engie,
  • Torgeir Ulset,  VP Sales for Asia Pacific, REC Solar, and
  • Soni Wibisono, Project Manager for REIDS, Schneider Electric

Special thanks also to Yves Le Bail, Vice President Asia Pacific (Delegate China, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam), Total Exploration & Production, for moderating this exciting session this morning.





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