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ISSUE #61 – Interview with Serge Genetet, EVP Managing Director Asia Pacific, Arkadin


What are some of the most significant trends in business communications today?

We are particularly excited about trends taking place in the digital landscape. The need for digital workplace transformation is becoming more and more important across industries worldwide. There is a key trend of moving towards the cloud, as the workforce becomes increasingly mobile and social, seeking the ability to communicate anytime, anywhere, on any device, and this will only continue to grow in significance as hyper-connected millennials enter the workplace.

The challenge for business is figuring out how to harness digital technologies in light of these trends, to drive greater efficiency, agility and productivity.



What are the top reasons enterprises are deploying UC&C?

The savings in costs and time associated with business travel and meetings have traditionally been a strong factor in deploying Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) solutions, but companies are now also looking to leverage the additional benefits of collaborative technologies to drive productivity, improve employee well-being and retain top talent. As globalisation increases, it becomes important to be able to work across time zones and borders, to ensure competitiveness.

The automotive supplier Continental AG first deployed Arkadin’s collaboration solutions in 2009. As a result, conferences and team meetings have become more productive. Most conferences include desktop and document sharing, so teams can collaborate on plans, documents and other projects in real time. This reduces the number of business trips required and speeds up decision-making processes.

“It is so much easier to talk about a topic and look at the relevant documents at the same time than sending an endless number of emails. And at the end of a meeting, every participant already has access to all notes and updated documents,” comments Mr Reiner Birn, Head of Strategy & Operations, Telecommunications.

According to Mr Birn, “Almost all departments use the services from Arkadin. The services make the lives of our staff much easier: less traveling, faster processes and convenient communications”.


We have a network of 56 operation centres in 33 countries, with service teams that speak our clients’ language and share their culture


Can you tell us about Arkadin Collaboration Services?

Arkadin is one of the largest and fastest growing UC&C service providers in the world. Through partnerships with leading technology companies, we deliver market-leading cloud-based audio/web/video conferencing and UC solutions for enjoyable collaboration experiences that are essential to succeeding in a digitally connected global workplace.

We have been service-minded and customer-driven from our inception in 2001. Our business model is based on deploying UC&C services through a local yet global approach to customer service, which sets us apart in the marketplace and ensures our clients have an excellent customer experience through service teams that speak their language and share their culture through our network of 56 operation centres in 33 countries.

As an NTT Communications company, we offer sophisticated infrastructure, networking and telecommunications capabilities for an all-in-one service package that offers tremendous efficiencies and economies of scale for our clients.

Arkadin was recently recognised as the Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Collaboration Service Provider of the Year for the fourth consecutive year (photo). The award is a testament to the success of Arkadin’s strategy of delivering the highest quality UC&C services backed by a strong customer service culture.

What is the target market for Arkadin’s UC&C services?

Our range of UC&C solutions work for both Server Message Blocks and large corporations, including companies such as Orange Business Services, Michelin, and Nestle Japan. We first discuss with our potential clients what their business drivers are and then work together on implementing the right tools for them. Arkadin has UC&C technologies for different categories of users, which ensure that our clients’ employees have the best user experience for driving greater productivity in their everyday work.


Interview with Serge Genetet, EVP Managing Director Asia Pacific, Arkadin


Interview published in the FOCUS Magazine “Principles of Productivity” – Issue #3 2016