Embracing the Rise of Document Process Automation

ISSUE #61 – Esker is a worldwide leader in cloud-based document process automation software, headquartered in Lyon, France. Organisations use Esker’s solutions to improve the efficiency, accuracy and visibility associated with document processing.

Operating in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, Esker is one of the most international French software vendors with 64% of its scale generated outside of France. This large geographical coverage enables the company to support companies in international projects with one single solution.


Esker is one of the only global providers to offer a single-platform solution that can automate multiple document processes




With just 50 years under its belt, Singapore is only in the beginning stages of its economic maturity. Today, increasing productivity is a top priority for Singaporean businesses eager to engage in more value-added, entrepreneurial initiatives.

Undeniably, it’s a time of big change and daunting challenges, yet it’s also a time of great possibility, as there are ample opportunities to explore new avenues of innovation. Document process automation is a prime example of an avenue an increasing number of enterprises are pursuing.

Claiming the fifth highest GDP in South East Asia, Singapore appears to be on the cusp of reaching new levels of growth. Doing so, however, requires finding new ways to generate revenue, improve operational efficiency and increase business agility — all things that document process automation solutions can deliver.


Automation can mean a lot of things depending on who’s using it, for what purpose and in which industry. While it’s often thought of as a technological stand-in for people, automation’s function in the world of document processing is typically more harmonious.

Instead of replacing existing people and processes, automation acts as a complementary tool that eliminates the manual, low-value tasks common in traditional document processes, while equipping users with new capabilities that make their jobs more strategic.

Esker’s solutions seamlessly integrate with a wide range of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications and it is one of the only global providers to offer a single-platform solution that can automate multiple document processes including order management, accounts receivable, accounts payable and purchasing.


The biggest value of document process automation is its ability to simplify how organisational transactions are handled from both business and IT perspectives.

Previously, if a business wanted end-to-end electronic workflow, a myriad infra structure investments was needed – from scanning and fax solutions to archiving and integration tools. Not only do these represent added costs and complexities for IT, they limit a company’s ability to adapt during periods of growth. What Esker does is provide everything in a single solution, delivered on-premises or as a cloud-based service.

Documentation that used to be handled manually (such as sales orders, vendor invoices, etc) is automatically transformed into an electronic format, processed through an automated workflow, and posted into the ERP system – providing full visibility for multiple users at every stage of the process.


Article by Albert Leong, Managing Director, Esker–Asia Pacific


Article published in the FOCUS Magazine “Principles of Productivity” – Issue #3 2016