Delivering Better Customer Experience More Efficiently

ISSUE #61 – Activeo is a recognised leader in customer contact technologies helping clients to deliver a superior customer experience through their contact centres, web channels and an overall integrated customer strategy.


Creating a positive consumer experience takes a good deal of listening. There are many strategies to optimise your interactions to reap the rewards of feedback.

The implementation of a customer centric vision brings with it an increase in customer and employee engagement. This means that an organisation needs to become more nimble in its processes and continually improve its productivity and refine its performance to effectively engage customers. Duly transformed, the organisation can develop relational agility, which is vital to winning over customers and reinforcing customer loyalty.

As a customer relations specialist, Activeo owns both technical and practical expertise in analysing and executing a proven strategy that guarantees measurable results.


Intelligent use of direct customer interaction is an integral component that businesses need to master.


Listening to the voice of the customers to make the right decisions

In the era of analytical optimisation, intelligent use of direct customer interaction or customer data is an integral component that businesses need to master. By identifying upstream sources and finely analysing the content of customer exchanges (such as causes for dissatisfaction, criticisms, emotional feelings, etc), a business can uncover important insights that it can use to improve its performance, be it by reconsidering an operation, redesigning a product or taking corrective action.

To record, process and evaluate the content of interaction and, equally important, customers’ emotions, there is a host of innovative tools that companies can use, from text and speech analytics solutions to satisfaction surveys (Enterprise Feedback Management). Collected via chats, e-mails and telephone conversations, the analysis of verbatim utterances allows a brand to evaluate whether or not it is living up to the promises made in its marketing plan and customer relationship programmes. By linking the customer process to the customer experience, the business can link the reason for making contact to the emotion it generates.

This relationship intelligence is achieved through the optimisation of procedures promoting the best possible congruence between the demands of the customer and the capacities of the business. Ultimately, it is the voice of the customer that will enable a business to better understand their customers and anticipate their needs, particularly in terms of supplies and connections.




Optimising human resources management and the quality of interactions

Technologies like recording, quality monitoring and workstation optimisation allow the business to capitalise on customer interactions (telephone, email, web, chat, etc) by making them available to differ ent services within the business, with the goal of improving customer service and strengthening its competitive position.

Forecasting and planning HR solutions bring increased productivity in terms of cost management and human resources efficiency. Putting in place an automated planning solution streamlines personnel management and increases its suitability for the requirements of customer service. Reducing costs by configuring resources according to the actual workload makes it easier for the activity to be successfully mastered, improves efficiency and ensures employee retention.

Coaching and training can help your team provide a great service

New customer behaviour and expectations represent a great challenge for companies: more than ever, they must find the right balance between quality of services, customer satisfaction and cost of products and services. In business, the coexistence of generations, profiles and skills makes it necessary to revisit digital and agile working methods, and models for management and team support.

Activeo offers a pragmatic and interactive approach along with a process to create, enhance, manage and develop profiles to allow the creation of emotional ties through the management of an appropriate give-and-take combination.

Guiding teams towards greater ownership of the customer culture increases team performance and gives value to each member’s contribution.


Article by Jonathan Mondon, Regional Director, Activeo Singapore


Article published in the FOCUS Magazine “Principles of Productivity” – Issue #3 2016