VINCI Airports recent growth history, business model and strategy

11 Nov 2016 – VINCI Airports, an emerging leader in the international airport sector, manages the development and operations of 34 airports: 12 in France, 10 in Portugal (including the hub of Lisbon), 3 in Cambodia, 2 in Japan, 6 in Dominican Republic and Santiago airport in Chile. Served by more than 170 airlines, VINCI Airports’ network handle more than 120 million passengers annually and recorded a revenue in excess of €820 million.

Céline Billant shared with us why and how VINCI Group made its strategic move towards airports concessions. Starting with a limited historical activity (Cambodian airports since 1995 and small local airports in France), VINCI Airports has turned into one of the top 5 global players in less than 8 years. She explained the business model of the Group and the perspectives for further growth, placing the Asia & Pacific region in the spotlight.




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