Committed to Sustainable Water and Waste Management

ISSUE #60 – SUEZ is a French industrial services and solutions company specialised in securing and recovering resources. Previously known as SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, the group unified its numerous trademarks under the brand SUEZ in 2015. Now organised around four main activities – Water, Recycling & recovery, Treatment solutions, and Consulting – SUEZ helps its clients meet the challenges of the resource revolution.

Salle de télécontrôle Ondeo System - CIRSEE / Centre International de Recherche Sur l’Eau et l’Environnement - 38, rue du Président Wilson - 78230 Le Pecq, France. Janvier 2015. Photo ©Xavier Schwebel pour Suez Environnement / Lyonnaise des Eaux.


Climate deregulation and growth in the world’s population (an estimated 9 billion by 2030) are set to challenge the future of our planet and its people, because its resources are not inexhaustible. By 2035, 40% of the world’s population will live in regions experiencing water stress. At the same time, we are producing 4 billion tonnes of waste every year.

We are at the dawn of a revolution that will have to be industrial and ecological, local and global, individual and collaborative. It is what we call the resource revolution. It means that we have to abandon the traditional linear model (which consists of extraction, production, consumption and disposal) and invent a circular model that will enable us to preserve and recover resources and ensure their long-term viability.

The whole purpose of our sustainable development policy is to make ourselves a powerful driver in the transformation of our businesses, so that, on the one hand, we can secure water supplies, treat wastewater and recover the resulting sludge, and, on the other hand, manufacture new products from waste or produce renewable energy.


In 2035, 40% of the world’s population will live in regions experiencing water stress.





Launched in June 2015 in the context of a partnership with PUB, Singapore’s national water agency, the SUEZ Innovation Center brings together three innovative projects: a Storm water management project, an Automated Meter Reading project and a Wastewater treatment with energy recovery project (E-AB).

The Storm project involves developing an operational, real-time decision support system to provide optimal strategies to manage the Marina Reservoir level during impending storms, anticipate floods in the city, and ensure a faster response to water quality issues on the catchment.

The Automated Meter Reading project contributes to Singapore’s global effort in water conservation through the provision of real-time feedback to consumers, and engagement of customers through gamification. This innovative approach will help improve PUB’s understanding of Singaporeans’ water consumption habits, thereby allowing PUB to provide residents with customised advice to induce water saving behaviours. The “E-AB” project is a partnership between SUEZ, PUB and DHI.  Its goal is to develop the next generation of wastewater treatment plants specifically adapted to warm climate, with the objective of maximising biogas production and minimising energy consumption while ensuring high effluent quality.

Through its Innovation Center, SUEZ is committed to providing concrete solutions to address global water sustainability issues.

By Jean de Montal, Operations Director, SUEZ Singapore


PHOTOS (Top to Down):

Smart Operation Centre, Le Pecq (France) – Photo ©Xavier Schwebel pour Suez Environnement / Lyonnaise des Eaux.

Wastewater Treatment Plant, Dole (France)


Article published in the FOCUS Magazine “Green Power” – Issue #2 2016