The Rise of Mobile Solutions for Industrial Waste Water Treatment

ISSUE #60 – A subsidiary of French group CTP environnement group, CTP environment Asia Pacific specialises in high added-value industrial chemical cleaning of industrial heat exchanger (furnaces, boilers, air coolers.). CTP environment’s services cover all types of industries, including refineries, petrochemical plants and power plants.

CTP environment Asia Pacific also offers innovative solutions to treat on-site problematic effluents. Modular, compact and automated, the mobile treatment units developed by the engineering department of CTP environnement group bring on-site cost-effective waste water treatment solutions for problematic effluents incompatible with discharge standards.


In Asia, there is increasing market demand for modular and mobile treatment units.



Industrial ready-to-plug mobile waste water treatment unit solutions first appeared in the European and North American markets a few decades ago. However, they have just started showing up in Asia as most of Asian countries strengthen compliance with discharge standards across all industries.

In Asia, there is increasing market demand for modular and mobile treatment units that can be mobilised within hours to avoid a very costly shutdown of production lines further to an equipment breakdown, accidental pollution or even a scheduled maintenance.

There is also demand for more specific solutions where industries generate spot or recurring complex effluents that cannot be treated on site by the current fixed waste water treatment system. For this kind of situation, the goal is to implement a specific treatment process for which the construction of a fixed treatment unit does not make economic sense.



The technology used for these mobile and packaged industrial waste water treatment units is already well developed and used in fixed treatment units. However, the innovative concept of mobile units makes them highly compact, well automated and easily controlled from a distance. Their benefit lies mainly in economic, financial and operational performance of an industrial waste water treatment that can handle the rise of discharge standards.


These units are characterised by their high standardisation level, which can significantly reduce development, assembly and commissioning costs. However, each unit must be tested prior to site mobilisation for calibration and in some cases must be adjusted for a good integration into the operator’s waste water treatment process system. Commissioned in hours or days at most, these units on skids or in containers are easily transportable and rapidly connected.In most cases, they only require the construction of a concrete slab, water and energy connection, and a discharge outlet. One such unit is Aeromobil®, one of the most advanced mobile treatment unit engineered by CTP environnement group and the result of two years of engineering efforts. Fully automated with remote control access, this physico-chemical treatment unit with dissolved air flotation (DAF) can treat flows of up to 1,000m3/h of all types of pollutants.

All these mobile treatment units have brought about an unconventional financing model for waste water treatment (short or long-term rental, leasing, invoicing per cubic metre of waste water treated, etc) and enabled industries to preserve their investment capabilities by focusing on their core activities.


By Stéphane Oziol, General Manager, CTP environment Asia Pacific


PHOTO: Aeromobil® DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) unit, part of the mobile waste water treatment unit


Article published in the FOCUS Magazine “Green Power” – Issue #2 2016