Cyber-security: The Good, the Bad and the Myth: Eva Group

13 Apr 2016 – Let’s face it…the thought of someone reaching into your wallet is definitely scary and businesses have more to be concerned about when it comes to keeping cyber-criminals out and disrupting cyber-attacks. However, here’s the hard truth about protecting your business, it’s not enough to hope that no one will try to steal your data or damage your systems. While having all the newest anti-viruses and firewalls is not enough, the strategies for designing and executing your information security plan are defined by the latest market trends.

Magda Lilia Chelly, Business Development Director APAC for Eva Group shared with us ten ways to develop cyber-security, through building a secure eco-system, becoming cyber-mature, etc.

Through several examples, Magda shared tips on investigating and building a plan and the common best practices in order to reduce risks.




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