Data-driven Marketing Automation – Why, What and How?

9 Apr 2019 – In an interview with Forbes, Matt Gay, CMO for Accenture, said that data is one of the marketers’ biggest challenges, particularly when it comes to the ability to use it. “It’s got to be in a form and format that is easily accessible and usable going forward, so you don’t have to have an IT person sorting through and making static reports.” he says.

Thankfully, there is automation to handle a lot of the legwork in marketing and in recent years, data driven marketing automation is no longer exclusive to large enterprises with deep pockets.

Over the last decade, technology providers have moved their marketing platforms to the cloud, reducing the need to invest heavily up front, for businesses big and small. Coupled with the emergence of easy to use interfaces, cross channel platforms designed for marketers are now truly accessible to the digital marketer. However, despite this availability and accessibility, many businesses are still struggling to understand and implement marketing automation.

This meeting with Patrick Sim, Head of Customer Experience Sales – ASEAN, Oracle aimed at helping businesses and marketers gain some insights and ideas to these questions:

– Why does my B2B business need digital marketing? Isn’t that only for B2C businesses?
– What are other companies doing?
– How do I get started? How do I fast track what I have been using in the past 3 years?

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