How to boost profitable growth with sales & operations planning: B2G Consulting

27 Mar 2019 – If you regularly face challenges such as: “Our figures do not match…that’s the fifteenth time we are re-doing the budget…inventories are too high but we are still experiencing shortages…we have this peak of activity every year at the same time, but it’s always the same mess every year….we have an S&OP but no decisions are taken….”, your S&OP process is probably in deep trouble!

In Asia growth is the holy grail of business, it comes with its own set of challenges but how can we apply S&OP to drive it in a more process driven way? And so why such limited success especially when findings shows implementing S&OP improves company performance by:

  • Reduction of sales loss: 20 – 45%
  • Improvement of operating margins: 10 – 30%
  • Increase new product revenue increase: 10 – 35%
  • Reduction of excess inventory: 15 – 60%
  • Improvement of customer service level: 15 – 40%

At this meeting, Frederic Gomer, Partner of B2G Consulting shared the secret sauce of 5.5 key S&OP components that drives growth in business and share during the talk:

  • An overview of S&OP
  • How S&OP impacts profit & growth?
  • Case study on how companies are using S&OP to manage today’s complex world

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