In Great Spirits & Convivialité: An interview with Cédric Retailleau of Pernod Ricard

ISSUE #68 – In our interview with a Patron Member, Cédric Retailleau (pictured below), Managing Director Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Other S.E.A. countries of Pernod Ricard shares about his career, the company’s strategy and on being Créateurs de Convivialité.

Cédric Retailleau at the Ricard bar at the Pernod Ricard office in Singapore



Do share with us about your career at Pernod Ricard.

So far it has been like in the Mafia, one step in, all life in! Since joining in 2000, it has been a very diverse and great journey!

The Group being truly worldwide, I’ve had the opportunity to work in many different countries with very exciting challenges like Cuba, Georgia, Armenia, Venezuela, Mexico, Italy and now Singapore.

The Group being also very balanced gender-wise but also age-wise, it gives the opportunity to young people to grow in the organisation.


Could you tell us about Pernod Ricards strategy in Asia, specifically in Singapore?

Asia is very important for Pernod Ricard, being the fast-growing region at the moment. We are particularly accelerating the development in South East Asia, with the opening of an affiliate in Cambodia, the creation of a Representative Office and a Joint Venture in Myanmar, while also consolidating Singapore of course!

We have a very strong portfolio in Singapore. Our biggest brand here is Martell, very important and dynamic, and we have just launched VSOP Red Barrel to maintain our leadership and reach younger generations. We are also bringing new dynamism to our whisky brand, Chivas, and to our cocktail portfolio which comprises of Monkey 47, Altos, Jameson and Havana Club.

The new Martell VSOP Red Barrel

Cocktails & Pernod Ricard

All this without forgetting Ricard and of course Champagne Perrier-Jouet for which you can find some good offers in our new e-commerce platform Drinks & Co, where not only is our whole portfolio available, but also some exclusive experiences!

For all these areas, the idea is to adopt Pernod Ricard successful business model, sell our brands with our own team, all being Ambassadors of our brands and “Créateurs de Convivialité”.

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What does Pernod Ricard’s tagline, “Créateurs de Convivialité” mean?

Créateurs de Convivialité” is in the DNA of all employees in Pernod Ricard! We create good moments in good place, fostering friendship for our brands to be always shared with good company, fun and… moderation!


As this issue focuses on the consumer journey, could you share with us your thoughts on how the consumer journey in Singapore is evolving? 

The consumer journey is constantly evolving. At Pernod Ricard, we follow the consumption occasion that we call MOCs: Moments of Conviviality (After work, lunch, dinner, high energy party…), the consumer choice will evolve and we have to adapt to it!

Thanks to our large portfolio, we are able to have an offer crafted for every single moment!


Do you see in any way consumers’ palates, preferences, expectations evolving?

The drinking pattern is also evolving. Historically in Singapore, the consumption is of dark spirits with brands like Martell and Chivas. Today, we see the re-emergence of Singapore as an international cocktail scene, with white spirits and rum (12 bars from Singapore ranked in Asia’s Top 50 Bars). Thus, it is a great opportunity for our brands like Monkey 47, Altos Tequila and Havana Club.


Pernod Ricard has many great brands. How do you keep things fresh while keeping on with tradition and heritage?

The launch of Martell Red barrel last month and the one of Martell NCF two years ago are the best examples of how an old Maison like Martell combines tradition and heritage but is also constantly innovating to address new opportunities.


Any exciting upcoming projects or campaigns at Pernod Ricard that you can share with us about?

We have just recently launched our e-commerce platform Drinks & Co, which enables our consumers to enjoy not only all our products but also great experiences!

You want to organise a Chivas party at home, we do it for you! Choose the place, we bring all the rest!

Special offer on Drinks & Co for the ones reading this article with this code: Connect on and use the promo code FCCS10 to have a 10% discount on the whole portfolio!

(This offer is valid from 1 Jan 2019 until 31 Mar 2019.)

Connect on and use the promo code FCCS10 to have a 10% discount on the whole portfolio!


As a strong supporter of the French Chamber, how would you describe its role for French companies in Singapore?

The French Chamber of Commerce is a great support for French companies in Singapore, very active and organising great events to facilitate networking, communication between members! We are very glad to be part of it and have the opportunity to support moments of conviviality in a glass with our brands. We are also part of the HR committee with Paul Tran, Human Resources Director SEA, and particularly happy to be active to always support and convey our values.





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Interview with Cédric Retailleau, Managing Director Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Other S.E.A. countries, Pernod Ricard

Published in FOCUS Magazine — Issue #1 2019 “The Consumer Journey Issue