Guest Editor’s Note: The Consumer Journey: What Comes Next? Isaline Duminil of JCDecaux introduces the issue

ISSUE #68 – In the Guest Editor’s Note of this edition of our FOCUS magazine on the customer journey, Isaline Duminil, Marketing Director of JCDecaux Singapore and Co-President of French Chamber Marketing & Digital Communication committee (pictured below) shares more on adopting a consumer-centric approach.


Organisations now look beyond the action of customers purchasing the product, but also the influence of brands and relationships with consumers. These relationships are a product of multiple touchpoints involving engagement and experiences, built on conversations, media interactions and customer service, all of which are key to the consumer journey.

In an age where brand loyalty is dwindling, organisations are pressed to make consumers feel valued and encourage a more considered approach in the consumers’ life cycle which does not only include the path to purchase. This is compounded by the rise of global consumers and the need to build relationships across borders. The advent of data and technology presents possibilities to address such challenges, for instance, through Data Management Platforms and Customer-Relationship Management. To elevate consumer engagement via these channels, harnessing the power of AI offers limitless potential.

In this issue, organisations from various sectors discuss how they reach out to consumers at key touchpoints, beginning from first contact, subsequent interactions and how this paves the way for prolonged relationships. What is common across different consumer journeys, is how organisations adopt a consumer-centric approach to create moments that contribute to the overall experience, be it among business stakeholders, retail customers, travellers or even citizens. This could be through personalisation or an emphasis on the experiential element of brick-and-mortar retail.

Prompting interactions at the right place and right time, such as through digital OOH advertising, must be delivered at crucial moments of the consumer journey, for example in the half hour prior to shopping, known as the last window of influence. Today’s consumers seek out the exceptional and brands need to entertain while engaging consumers in the course of their journey for meaningful relationships.





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Guest Editor’s Note by Isaline Duminil, Marketing Director of JCDecaux Singapore and Co-President of French Chamber Marketing & Digital Communication committee

Published in FOCUS Magazine — Issue #1 2019 “The Consumer Journey Issue