Experience Sharing with Successful Entrepreneurs: Planitswiss

30 Jan 2019 – At this entrepreneur experience sharing session, Michel Huguenin, CEO of Planitswiss and imavox Group, shared with us his experience and insights on his global entrepreneurship journey, from first starting out to expanding portfolio of activities in the Asia region and worldwide with seven active companies operational.

  • The challenges and phases of ups and downs he faced to develop his business in Singapore, Asia and other regions.
  • The lessons learnt and mistakes to avoid
  • The importance of consistency in Customer Service in various local environments in Asia
  • Staffing and management methods to ensure consistent quality

Planitswiss is a full–service hospitality solutions provider that conceptualises, plans & delivers exclusively corporate events (logistics, multimedia services, food and beverage). The company operates all around Europe, Asia, Africa as well as in the Middle East.

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