Talent Management in a Multicultural Environment: Akteos

10 Jan 2019 – How do cultural differences in the way we work impact our business performance? What are the cultural factors influencing HR practices such as recruitment, learning & development and performance reviews?

Managing a multicultural workforce can be challenging for HR professionals and senior management, something all too clear to people working in Singapore and the Southeast Asian region. Cross-cultural awareness is a crucial competency for business professionals to develop when working across cultures.

The aim of this committee meeting is to:

  • better understand the critical impact of culture on business, specifically around talent management
  • improve your intercultural knowledge on the Southeast Asian region
  • get some practical advice on how to adapt to different working and communication styles.

Akteos Intercultural business consultant Laura shared insights on the impact of culture in business with a focus on talent management. Different attitudes towards job interviews, giving and receiving feedback, non-verbal communication, hierarchy, building trust etc. can create confusion, misunderstandings and false perceptions.

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