Breakfast Talk: Environment – Solving the Packaging Equation: Danone, Veolia

27 Nov 2018 – Indeed, packaging waste is a major issue. As an example, over 90% of the 2.5 tons of marine trashes that we collected during our last French Chamber Clean the Beach initiative were packaging and mostly plastic coming from South China Sea, Thailand Sea and Indonesia seas.Around the world, awareness is increasing and people start to understand the impact of our everyday life on our environment, and more specifically the packaging impact.

At this Breakfast talk, William Green, Head of Corporate Affairs, Waters at Danone and Matt Stanelos, Waste Business Line Director at Veolia Singapore gathered to showcase actions to implement an efficient circular economy process around plastic bottle and share some ideas on how to turn a problem into a solution.

While the consumer education is key, it is nothing without a deep involvement and actions from each and every company.

Infrastructures being at different maturity around the world, this was also the opportunity to break some myths around the recycling in the region.


  • William Green, Head of Corporate Affairs, Waters at Danone
  • Matt Stanelos, Waste Business Line Director at Veolia Singapore

Thank you for all joining us! Thank you Danone for hosting us! For more events, do visit our website.


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