Change Management: Helping managers and teams embrace change and lead transformations: W2P Consulting

22 Nov 2018 – How well are you prepared to lead change? Have you equipped your people to embrace changes? Companies anticipate the need for considerable changes over the next years as disruptive technologies permeate all aspects of the economy and corporate organisations. At the same time, they are concerned that organisational inertia and resistance to change will hold them back.

Successful organisational change is the result of several individuals shifting from current habits to new perspectives, mind-sets and behaviours and leading the way. That’s why it is fundamental to equip individuals and groups with the right tools and skills to embrace and lead changes in an agile way.

This workshop for managers, HR or change agent by Geraldine Gauthier, Founder, W2P Consulting provided the foundation for that and covered the following topics:

  • Awareness: Understanding changes to your group, company, role, yourself
  • Obstacles: Identifying areas of resistance, objections, concerns
  • Tools & Competencies: Developing skills for managing changes at the individual level and at the group level
  • Action: Leading change and managing transitions, individually and as a team/group

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