Breakfast Talk: Corporate Innovation in the Digital Age: MIT, Capgemini

16 Nov 2018 – Innovation has become an essential engine for growth in the digital economy, but many corporations are still struggling. At this Breakfast Talk, Dr. Neil Thompson, Professor, MIT and Didier Bonnet, Consulting Global Practice Leader Digital Transformation, Capgemini, discussed the findings from their newly-completed research study of over 300 corporations, on how large companies can improve their innovation effectiveness in the digital age.

They summarised their research findings through three questions that are key to innovation in a digital world:

  • Innovation Architecture―How can a firm best balance the exploitation of existing core assets and the exploration of new businesses, and organize effectively around this balance?
  • Innovation Sources―How can a firm best source innovation, either from within the firm or outside of it?
  • Innovation Capabilities―What capabilities are critical to support corporate innovation in the digital age?

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