Demystifying Business Development through a step-by-step approach

31 Oct 2018 – Every professional has a general understanding of what Business Development is. That sense of knowing can be a trap as the vagueness around what it actually means and entails may cause businesses to sometimes lose focus on which tasks at hand and objectives actually need to be focused on and by when. The intention of this workshop was to demystify business development through a step-by-step approach: chase away the vagueness to bring in a concrete framework to follow.

For those already active in business development but wishing to give it a renewed boost, you may find the missing piece to really kick off. For the new entrepreneurs and start-ups, the framework provided a support by pointing out which points are to be covered by when and how.

At this meeting, Carina Rogerio, Managing Director & Founder Of SeeAre, Executive Coach, SMC & SIMI Accredited Mediator, Business Strategist covered

  • What Business Development is and what it is not
  • The required preparation work on Key Components
  • The setting up of a Business Development Plan Dos and don’ts to optimize your Business Development.

A series of dedicated questions was sent to each participant beforehand in order to adapt the workshop to present cases as much as possible.

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