Meet the CEO #6: Thales

25 Oct 2018 – Meet the CEO is a new initiative of the French Chamber in Singapore that seeks to provide opportunities for start-ups & entrepreneurs and SMEs to connect with MNCs.

Building on this feedback, each month, start-ups and SMEs are invited to meet with a CEO of a large company, to exchange on their businesses and explore potential areas for collaboration.

This sixth session of Meet the CEO was held with Kevin Chow, CEO / Country Director of Thales Solutions Asia. The first Singaporean designated with this key role, Kevin drives Thales Singapore’s growth across all of its 5 businesses.

Hosted in the offices of Thales, he met with six companies in 1-to-1 meetings, selected according to their business relevance. A big thank you to all!


Stay tuned, the next session takes place in November with with Hugues Ricour, Managing Director Ubisoft Singapore and Ubisoft Philippines!


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