Thematic Networking: Future of Chatbot, What do you think?

23 Oct 2018 – Chatbots are a new way to converse and get help on any subject anytime. Taking the form of a conversation through various messaging platforms, the robot will then be able to recognise your message, and answer accordingly to help you find your needs. And it will do so in a friendly and fun manner, that will make you feel like you are just having a nice conversation with a friend.

A lot of different chatbots exist for special needs, from finding a restaurant, organising your agenda, to help people with a mental disorder go through their therapy.

Chatbots are common now in our smartphones and computers, as you can see with Cortana for Microsoft, or Siri for Apple, but a lot of new chatbots emerge today to answer different needs.

What do you think about it? Are you for or against? Do you believe we will use it more and more in the future? In which sectors? These were the questions discussed at this thematic networking led by Clément Hochart, CEO at EpicurioDaniel Doppler, President at Quicktext, and Jean-Christophe Bouglé, Managing Director at Powata. Held at WeWork, the discussion was then followed by networking time around wine and food.


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