Employees’ remuneration reporting in Singapore – Focus on common errors and how to get it right: EY

17 Oct 2018 – This meeting led by Mrs Kerrie Chang, Partner at EY and Sandesh Kumar, Associate Director at EY, aimed to enhance companies’ understanding of Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore’s (“IRAS”) compliance approach and how companies can better comply with their tax obligations in respect of the reporting of employees’ remuneration.

Coverage on the seminar included IRAS’ assessment process and risk–based approach to tax assessment, common issues and mistakes made by companies, the penalty framework, an overview of the investigation process and the opportunity to reduce penalties under the IRAS’ Voluntary Disclosure Program.

Practical solutions on how to mitigate common mistakes and improve tax compliance by enhancing internal controls, record keeping was discussed, and also discuss hot topics of compliance from the Central Provident Fund perspective.

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