How to build the best user experience to increase your revenue?: Viseo

10 Oct 2018 – Online and offline, omnichannel experiences are incredibly efficient when they are user centred, meaning that they take into account the clients’ needs and expectations. Building a good user experience is key for the success of your project. User experience is meant online, but also offline and across multiple channels.

Should you be creating a new experience or even just improve an existing one, there are a few methods, such as persona workshops, user interviews and empathy map, to understand your customer better as well as his journey until conversion. Our speakers Céline de Robillard, Head of UX and Design and Cole Casper, Senior UX/UI designer at Viseo Asia explained these technics and shared further ideas of tools that can be used specifically online to improve an existing website, based on analytics.

Happy customers = better conversion rate!

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