The Bank Where Innovation Matters: Societe Generale

ISSUE #67 – As one of Europe’s largest and oldest banks operating in 66 countries, Societe Generale is committed to accelerate innovation and digital transformation in order to better serve our clients and improve our operating efficiency as well as our overall security in this ever-changing banking environment.



Between 2018-2020 Societe Generale has committed to dedicate EUR150 million towards disruptive innovation projects through equity investments. We also continue to nurture innovation through collaborative spaces in various locations, such as our co-working site ‘Le Plateau’ located in our Paris ‘Les Dunes’ complex, as well as our new intrapreneurship programme launched in 2017 to give all our employees worldwide the resources they need to invent new disruptive activities that offer strong potential for the bank.

With learning and skills development being a key priority at Societe Generale, our learning and development strategy is targeted to address our staff’s individual needs from digital to classroom training, enabling us to develop an innovation-focused, agile learning environment. We also constantly develop our open innovation policy by strengthening our relationship with startups and FinTechs and increasing the number of exchanges and collaborations.

Societe Generale’s Innovation Strategy remains guided by three key objectives:

  • Promoting innovation by favoring business lines autonomy in the bank and bring about cultural change by encouraging experimentation. We also want to strengthen interaction and cooperation with startups in various forms
  • Investing in innovation through new operating models, transforming our information systems. We also want to leverage on big data, open innovation and more open, flexible infrastructure.
  • Reinforcing innovation through developing state of the art expertise in data management, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

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Published in FOCUS Magazine — Issue #3 2018 “The Innovation Issue