The Rise of Immersive Experiences: Interview #1 Manzalab

ISSUE #67 – Virtual reality is altering how we interact with content, reshaping experiences in both B2B and B2C markets. Hadrien Duzan (pictured below), General Manager APAC of Manzalab, shares with us about the VR technologies, development journey, rates of adoption in Singapore, and what lies in the future, in this special on “The Rise of Immersive Experiences“.



Do tell us about the VR technology you are working with.

Manzalab develops solutions for 3 mains different medias:

  • Virtual Reality (VR): Users are completely immersed in a new virtual environment thanks to a VR headset.
  • Augmented Reality (AR): Users still see their surrounding environment but with an additional layer of digital information enhancing it
  • Micro-learning mobile application: employees have access to short attractive training courses, whenever they have time, offering them precious time flexibility.

Those recent technologies offer new possibilities versus traditional methods:

  • An efficient approach to learning as you are learning by experiencing situations
  • You can exercise on extreme scenarios without any risk of hurting employees or damaging expensive equipment.
  • You can now design and pre-visualise objects or sites / before even creating prototypes
  • Presenting these training into structured game-like scenarios make them very appealing, especially for younger generations like millennials


Our software solutions are exclusively for professional use and not for entertainment. We focus on 4 verticals: corporate training, marketing product, VR meeting solutions and design support.

We believe Manzalab has strong added value in virtual reality thanks to our in depth approach of learning mechanisms.

Indeed, we collaborate with neuroscientists to create efficient training immersive experiences so as to enhance their learning impact.

On top of our expert tech team, we work in depth on storytelling thanks to scriptwriters also collaborating on movie and game scenarios.

Manzalab has developed a unique collaborative multi-user system for people to meet up in a Virtual environment, creating a new virtual social experience.


How has the development journey been and what do you make of rate of adoption here?

Manzalab opened its office in Singapore in last November. Since then, the development is really promising. We started by supporting our European historical clients here in the region, and quickly started collaborating with MNCs having presence in Singapore.

Asian populations are very technophile and eager for innovation. Professional demand in the region is catching up quickly and will soon overtake the European and US markets. Fierce competition on hardware also stimulates the markets by bringing affordable and more user friendly devices.

Sustained efforts remain however required to explain to the public the wide scope of possibilities behind this new technology. Beside specialists, in most people’s minds these technologies are for entertainment only. Our target is to increase awareness on the actual possible benefits in the industry and on staff training and development. These can be applied to as diverse sectors as aeronautics , manufacturing, retail or even the medical sector (surgeon training, patients using VR to reduce pain..)

Our target is to increase awareness on the actual possible benefits in the industry and on staff training and development.


What lies in the future for Manzalab?

The company has a few exciting projects in the pipeline for the coming months.

We recently raised funds to finalise and launch different off-the shelf products to accelerate our growth.

After focusing mainly on customers/companies based in Singapore so far, we are now looking to develop in Asia, very likely with the support of partners.

In Europe, Manzalab is involved in different research & development programme in collaboration with public and private actors. We are exploring this possibility here with actors based locally: large local universities, research institutes and corporates.


Manzalab at the French Chamber’s Working Together Forum December 2017


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Interview with Hadrien Duzan, General Manager APAC, Manzalab

Published in FOCUS Magazine — Issue #3 2018 “The Innovation Issue