How Advertising is Innovating: Interview JCDecaux

ISSUE #67 – Isaline Duminil (pictured below), Marketing Director of JCDecaux Singapore, shares with us how the innovations of the company pushing boundaries of traditional advertising in Singapore.





Could you tell us about some of the innovative technologies that JCDecaux has developed to push the boundaries of traditional advertising?

With challenges from the online digital world, pushing the boundaries of traditional media is part of our daily work. One of the constant challenges of the dynamic advertising landscape we are in is to deliver engagement and interaction with audiences to meet various clients’ KPIs. Creating meaningful and valuable audience interactions and experiences are what make us thrive.

To achieve this, we leverage our proprietary system, SmartContent™, to deliver dynamic advertising content at the right place at the right time to the right audience. Using live feeds of weather, time also in addition to flight information, traffic data, social media feeds or any customised feeds one can think of, we can personalise the content and message on the screen.

Most recently, JCDecaux Singapore launched its first live social feed digital campaign in May for The Absolut Company, inviting travellers at Changi Airport to participate in a “Global Selfie” and share their travel experiences with the Absolut brand.


“Global Selfie”: JCDecaux’s live social feed digital campaign with Absolut at Singapore Changi Airport


We have also deployed solutions that help brands create on-the-spot interactions and drive consumers to store immediately to support in-store or retail activations. Our WeChat Shake Beacon solutions tap on the pervasiveness of mobile phone usage as well as outdoor advertising to direct customers to the point of purchase. Advertising copy on digital screens encourage passengers to use the WeChat ‘shake’ function on their mobile devices that will present them with a coupon to redeem a free sample at the nearby duty-free store while discovering more about the product.

Our team is constantly liaising with start-ups to develop our innovative solutions portfolio. We are currently working on a new interactive solution for our digital assets at bus shelters along Orchard Road.

By inviting consumers’ interactions with brands, our suite of creative solutions facilitates meaningful engagement beyond the traditional mode of outdoor advertising which typically serves to only deliver brand messages.


“Stretch Out”: Contextual digital campaign relying on real-time weather information geo-located around ION Orchard


Could you tell us about what JCDecaux offered the winner of the “Make the World A Better Place Award” of the ICT Awards?

Innovation is at the core of our business where we constantly seek novel opportunities for brands to engage with key audiences. For innovation to thrive where our businesses are, both large corporations and start-ups need to play our part to give room for great ideas to grow.

The bus shelter network is the latest addition to our existing portfolio, and now allows us to offer advertisers an unparalleled reach to audiences on the move. To support efforts for start-ups to scale up by generating awareness through outdoor advertising, we have awarded “We Are Caring” media space on the shelter lights in our bus shelter network.

We would like to congratulate “We Are Caring” for winning this award with their model of an agency to hire domestic helpers, ensuring fair job opportunities to helpers and good service to families in Singapore.


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Interview with Isaline Duminil, Marketing Director, JCDecaux Singapore

Published in FOCUS Magazine — Issue #3 2018 “The Innovation Issue