The Affluent Asian Female Consumer in 2018: Agility Research & Strategy

11 Sep 2018 – Asian Women are fast becoming the largest spenders on luxury goods and services. As such, brands need to understand the nuances of this lucrative consumer. The objective is to look at the behavioral patterns of this demographic in-depth across 8 APAC markets, to help brands better understand what drives them and to uncover the changing ways affluent female consumers view and spend their money.

At this session, Amrita Banta, Managing Director at Agility Research & Strategy shared with members latest data and insights from their Affluent Woman report covering close to 3,000 interviews conducted across eight markets, with a special focus on Singapore.

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Some of the detailed insights included:

  • How do the affluent Singapore women differ from other markets in how they perceive luxury, and in their expectations from luxury brands?
  • How much does this segment of consumers spend on different categories?
  • Where have they travelled to, plan to go next, and what activities and do they seek when they travel?
  • What media and other touchpoints inform their luxury purchase choices, and how much influence do they have on their brand choices across different categories, such as, fashion, skincare, alcohol, watches and jewellery?

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