Unlocking the Potential of Nature: Interview Roquette

ISSUE #66 – Roquette sets up its new APAC HQ in Singapore. Dominique Baumann, Vice President, Asia Pacific, (pictured below) shares with more about the ambitions of the plant-based ingredients global leader and pioneer of new vegetal proteins, as well as the markets it seeks to reach from Singapore.


Could you tell us about your new APAC headquarters and its activities?

The new APAC headquarters which was inaugurated October 26 is part of Roquette’s overall strategy to anticipate and respond to an increasing demand in the health and food sectors – arising from a growing middle-class in Asia – through a customer-oriented approach as well as expertise, technologies and partnerships.

The new innovation center located in Biopolis dedicated to pharma and to be ready later this year, for food, will help foster closer collaboration with our customers and partners in developing customised innovations in Food, Nutrition and Pharma industries.

The regional headquarters in Singapore positions us well to develop new business activities, distribution capabilities and further invest in the region.


What are your key markets that you seek to reach from Singapore?

The booming middle class throughout Asia and their distinct tastes and requirements underpin Roquette’s decision to continue growing its presence in the region.  The expertise Roquette has accumulated in plant-based ingredients over 80 years gives us considerable advantages in Food, Nutrition and Health sectors.

Our solutions meet specific consumer expectations & needs: we offer plant-based ingredients to better feed and cure people, according to their lifestyle choices, their age, where they live and what they do.

Our customers are key players in many sectors, especially in food, nutrition, health and pharma.  Roquette particularly looks to working with local players and innovative start-ups to satisfy specific requests related to regional market demand – bringing innovations to this dynamic market.

From left to right: JM Gilson, CEO, R. Gokhale; Head of R&D – APAC; Lim Chuan Poh, Chairman of A*STAR; T. Marcel, Head of R&D – Global


We understand that Roquette is exploring partnerships with institutes and universities in Singapore in research and innovation. Any projects that you could share with us about?

Our R&D and Customer Technical Services Center in Singapore is already collaborating closely with local universities and institutions on several research projects. Our state-of-the-art facility houses world-class technical teams who can develop new innovations and formulations in the areas of pharmaceutical excipients and drug delivery systems for oral dosage forms and injectables. Moreover, we are collaborating on research projects dealing with development of new ingredients for foods and nutrition.  In addition, the new biopharma lab which is about to be completed will also serve Roquette’s global biopharma center of excellence.  We will be pleased to share with you the results of our Asian-focused research projects in the near future when they become available.

We are collaborating on research projects dealing with development of new ingredients for foods and nutrition.




Interview with Dominique Baumann, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Roquette

Published in FOCUS Magazine — Issue #2 2018 “Connecting to the Region”